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Tower 500 - Specializes in Electromagnetic Field Shielding and protection from Mobile Phone Radiation. Our intent is to create a 'radiation free' environment through high-quality shielding solutions and radiation audit services. We are connoisseurs having expertise in the domain of Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement and Shielding Solutions. Radiations from Mobile Towers, Cell Phones, and other Electrical equipment can pose serious damages to our health, and we aim to minimize the ill effects of radiation and offer you and your family with a 'radiation-free environment'. IDEA As per the concluding results of BioInitiative Report - 2012, EMR is harmful to humans and can result in severe health hazards. With this fact in consideration we came up with the idea of creating a radiation-free space, and hence, crafted products that can minimize radiation level by 95 - 99%. RESEARCH; Earlier it was assumed that EMR could not ionize radioactive molecules, like UV rays, X-rays, and nuclear rays. However, studies and intensive researches proof that EMR is harmful to humans and can cause interference troubles for sensitive electronics and computer system. While low EMR can cause depression, sleep disorders, headaches, high EMR can lead even to cancer, abortion and heart tremors. FOUNDATION; Our research suggested that the pineal gland can sense the daily alterations of the earth's magnetic field, and hence, use it to regulate our sleep and wake-up cycle. We, therefore, founded a team of like-minded experts from leading telecommunication industry to generate awareness and protect you and your family from harmful tower radiations. Our innovative solutions are designed to serve the specific needs of your homes, offices and other premises. VISION: We bring to you innovative and qualitative solutions to safeguard you from the harmful mobile tower radiations.

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